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Myriam Faris Photos - Arabian Hot

Talented singer and dancer, Myriam Fares is a breath of fresh air in the music scene and the creator of her own style. With her music achievements, starting from her d├ębut album to her live performances at the most prestigious concerts, Myriam has set new standards, ones of a complete artist.

A young artist from south Lebanon, Myriam grew up in a family that respects education and believes in learning and growing. She was attracted to the arts, so she took this passion to the end.

Somewhat of a child prodigy, she took her first ballet steps at the age of five, and at the age of nine earned first place on Tele-Liban (Al Mawahib Al Saghira), in oriental dance.

Her early lessons in Classical Ballet improved her sense of music. Her multifaceted talents and abilities in the world of art astonished her teachers in school who encouraged her to improve and grow. Myriam felt the need to express her feelings through her voice that springs from deep inside her, so she registered at the National Conservatory of Music and studied musicology for four years.

At the age of sixteen Myriam participated at the Lebanese Song Festival where she won the first prize for the public Lebanese song nomination. At seventeen she participated in Studio El Fan 2000 for the District of South Lebanon and earned the first prize, not to mention the Special Certificate from Dr. Walid Gholmieh for the three Districts of South Lebanon, Beirut, and Mount Lebanon.

Still in the blush of youth, Myriam’s voice has a personal stamp that doesn’t sound like anyone else’s and at whatever age, with such an innocent sensuality, one that seems to be of her own invention, she is bound for success.

At the age of 20 and with the guidance of her management company – Music Is My Life, Myriam signed her first record deal with Music Master International and launched her first album on October 21, 2003 at the Virgin Mega store – Beirut. The Album witnessed immediate success and became a best seller for a debut Artist.

Her music video for the hit song “Ana Wel Shok” directed by Ghassan Koteit, from her album became one of the most requested music videos as soon as it was broadcasted on local and cable televisions, marking Myriam’s talent and dynamic image in the public’s heart.

Myriam’s next move was to shoot her second music video “La Tis’alni”, directed by Selim El Turk. The new clip highlighted the artist’s charisma and fun personality.

Wherever Myriam went through her promotional tours, she was overwhelmed by people’s response and appreciation for her art.

Myriam is seen as a one of a kind artist in the Middle East. Her show includes a rich repertoire of classic and modern songs, a remarkable voice and the capacity to move and dance on stage, giving one of the most dynamic performances.

Summer 2004, was a very busy time for Myriam, she traveled all over the Middle East to participate in successful and sold out concerts (Bacardi Festival summer 2004, New Year 2005 At Biel etc) and which earned her the nickname of “Queen of Sage”.
Egypt awarded her as best female young artist and gave a prize for best video clip. The support of the media who where following every step of this young talent towards stardom, contributed in the large notoriety the artist now enjoys.

During “Ramadan” of the same year, Myriam’s success got the attention of one of the most renowned perfume creators in the region, “Mahmoud Saiid”.

He collaborated with Myriam on creating and launching a unique fragrance for men and for women by the name of her first hit song “Ana Wel Shoq”.
Myriam shot the TV commercial for “Ana Wel Shoq” perfume, which was released on most satellite TV stations. Her natural beauty and graceful movements contributed to the high impact of the spot and the success of “Ana Wel Shoq” perfume in the Arab world.

Myriam then launched her second album, entitled “Nadini Myriam”. It involved collaboration with Lebanese and Egyptian composers. This second album resembles Myriam and concretizes her spirit in music. Produced by Music Master, the album contains 10 tracks of various genres.

The music video for the song “Nadini” with director Amir Kreidieh is mesmerizing to the eye; it is a place for Myriam to experience different aspects of her personality, of her voice and of her moves.

“Nadini” a success story, a new fragrance… In October 2005, Following the sensation that “Nadini” achieves, “Mahmoud Saiid” teams up with Myriam once again to create yet another perfume inspired by the song and carrying its name.

New Year s eve, at exactly midnight, a new clip for the song “Haklak Rahtak” is released. An amazing set in Paris, France, witnessed the shouting of this new video under the direction of Wissam Smaira.

The idea, a challenging love story, was executed in a creative way in different locations such as the famous Seine area and the renowned “Gymnase Marie Bell” theater in Paris. For this clip Myriam collaborated with international production team “Satellite My Love”, most known for their collaboration with international stars.

“Haklak Rahtak” became an all time favorite for her fans, opening new doors and new challenges for Myriam who was now restlessly touring in countries she has never been before like Yemen, Qatar and Libya. While preparing her third album, Myriam chose to shoot simultaneously yet another song from the album “Nadini Myriam”. Collaborating one more time with director Wissam Smaira, the artist pushed her professionalism and dynamism even more in this clip for the song “Wahichni eah”. Shot in Lebanon, the clip required sophisticated equipments to execute its main idea that revolves around car chasing. The team was brought from France and the result was no less than that of an international standards. The racing, the singing and the dancing had every head turned to witness what no other Arab artist had yet achieved in this part of the world!

Myriam, as young as she might be, has already proven herself and her singing talents in the music scene making her now one of the most solicited artists. Myriam released her 5th music video for her first khaliji song “Moukana Wein” under the direction of Yehya Saade. The clip took place in Amchit, Lebanon where an artificial desert was created by an astonishing team portraying the right setting and ambiance for the song. In 2008, Myriam was chosen by a multinational company “CIBA Vision” as the ambassador and new face for their contact lenses “Freshlook”. The advertising campaign started early this year and Myriam is currently doing their promo-tour in almost all Arab countries. As for the awaited event of the year our young artist will release her 3rd album (Myriam Bet’oul Eih) on the 22nd of April 2008 in Egypt and all the Arab countries. The music video of the album’s hit “ Mouch Ananiya” was directed by Leila Kanaan, and for the first time Myriam plays a romantic, passionate and genuine role showing sincere emotions that the story board required. The video will be on air as of mid April. The next steps for the young artists will definitely be dedicated for her album launch which should take place in Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, etc.. All throughout her career, Myriam has had a continuous and unrelenting support from her family, and her management company “Music Is My Life”.

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